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Plastics Apparel was founded in 2018 with the goal of redefining luxury in streetwear for women. The owner, Angel, was inspired by the vibrant energy of city life and set out to write a story that spoke to the contemporary, self-assured, and fashion-forward lady. The company's creator, a rebel at heart, saw a chance to add sophistication to the vibrant world of street fashion and varsity jackets.


The classic luxury varsity jackets that were meticulously designed to combine comfort, style, and a hint of rebellious attitude formed the foundation of Plastics. The selection of high-quality materials was based on both their sumptuous appearance and robustness, guaranteeing that every piece would not only withstand urban explorations but also look stunning. Every jacket was more than just an article of apparel; It stood for empowerment, individualism, and the blending of elite fashion with street culture. Plastics Apparel, the name of the brand, was inspired by the Mean girls movie, which starred a bunch of fearless and utterly authentic women. It represented the brand's determination to reject tradition and adopt a dynamic, always-changing aesthetic.


Plastics Apparel aims to empower women by fostering a culture that values individuality and boldness, rather than just selling clothing. In a culture that frequently demanded uniformity, the brand became a platform for self-expression, inspiring wearers to be unabashedly authentic. Plastics apparel is starting to be recognized as a sophisticated and empowering statement. Not only did celebrities, influencers, and trend-setters flock to the company for its opulent apparel, but also because 

the disposition and persona they embodied. Plastics apparel is a lifestyle choice that transcends just clothes and integrates into the wearer's identity. It's more than just a decision in fashion.


With every new collection, the brand develops, adhering to its key principles of empowerment, originality, and unwavering style while embracing the dynamic urban fashion scene. Remember that you are representing a movement, a tale, and a celebration of the wonderful woman that you are as you wrap yourself in a premium varsity jacket from Plastics Apparel. Welcome to Plastics Apparel, where empowerment and style collide in the streets of your daily travels.

Artboard 7.png

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francine Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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